Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Panaya ChangeGuru = Happy Customers

One of the challenges we had with our client who has 50 custom objects, 293 visual force pages and 5 custom apps in Salesforce, is to figure out the impact of change to a single field through out their global system.

In the past we used EasyDescribe and field trip to do our analysis. It took us a good 1 to 2 hours to document and perform analysis on the impact of change to a single field.

With Panaya Change Guru, we cut our time down to 1 minute. We scheduled our analysis to run and we can visually see the direct impact of any changes to the field including the indirect impact. Panaya Change Guru also found references to the field in APEX and Visualforce pages. Below is a sample screen shot that shows us the results.

Take a few minutes to listen to Beth Seaton, Director of Sales Operations at E2Open talk about how Panaya Change Guru helped them with a huge problem and now we have a very happy customer!